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Erin aka Bud
29 June 2025 @ 11:16 pm

My journal is now friends only, with the occasional open post.

Comment to be added... I'll probably add you.
Erin aka Bud
13 July 2014 @ 12:27 am
Holy crap! Logged into livejournal for the first time in quite some time (by the way, hi guys) and it's all different now.

I'm going to be catching up and writing a real post soon-- this is mostly just to say that I'm still here!
Erin aka Bud
25 June 2011 @ 03:45 pm

Why is this not a full length movie?
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Erin aka Bud
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Erin aka Bud
22 February 2011 @ 01:15 pm
All caps were required so you could feel my hatred.

Oh my God, my presentation on face and object recognition is tomorrow. I'm finishing up my slide show right now, and I'm so nervous just thinking about it that I'm making lots of silly typos-- my hands are shaking, I'm all cold and my stomach is in knots. I always do well on presentations (except for defending my honors thesis when a certain professor questioned me for a good 20 minutes until I had to look at the screen to keep from crying) but I'm always so nervous leading up to them.

Cannot wait until this time tomorrow-- my presentation will be over.
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Erin aka Bud
17 February 2011 @ 11:36 am
I think the stress is getting to me.

This week has been the week from hell-- I haven't been able to keep up with the ever-growing list of things I have to do. Just getting the bare minimum done so as not to fail and get kicked out of grad school has been a challenge. Last night, things finally started to wind down-- I was able to get a big start on a paper that's due tomorrow, and I found all the articles I need for a presentation I have to put together this weekend. Research is at a stand still and I'm worried my advisors are going to start getting frustrated with me. Hopefully I can be productive this weekend. Sunday is already filled up (I promised Ben we'd go play DnD with a guy in my class-- they play for 8 hours+).

One of my friends here has already started applying for assistantships for next year. Interviews for one position were held today-- I didn't even know. Now I'm worried I'm going to get screwed out of getting an assistantship for next year. I don't know when I'll have time to fit it in, but applying and getting shit together is going to have to happen this weekend.

All this week I have had almost constant pain in my left shoulder, neck, and chest area. I think it is muscle or tension related, but I'm always paranoid about pain on the left side. It gets worse at night, to the point that I have trouble sleeping through it. I told Ben if it wasn't better by tomorrow I would call and make an appointment.

On the plus side, Chicago was a blast, though it made me feet sore for days afterward. The musical was beautiful. Also, my dress and shirt that I ordered last week came and they both look awesome! I took a risk ordering from two companies I had never heard of before but it paid off.
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Erin aka Bud
07 February 2011 @ 08:51 pm
For some reason, I have become obsessesed with blogs about plus-size fashion, which has led me to some very dangerous websites. Which is why I will be getting clothes for my birthday. :)

I ordered this shirt:

and this dress:

I'm so excited about that dress-- I really it turns out well. Eshakti sounds like such a great company (they sell clothes for skinny chicks, too, I believe). They do custom sizing in case your body requires adjustments, and they let you have options for when you would like something delivered (we'll be out of town on Saturday, so I chose not to have it delivered until after Saturday).

It's really nice to know that there are options out there besides where I usually go (I do like a little variety in my wardrobe) but it sucks that I've resorted to shopping online so much.

Maybe I will post pictures when I get them!
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Erin aka Bud
03 February 2011 @ 09:55 pm
My project is in the MPA Program!

I'm so excited!

Now the work begins: there are posters to create and data to analyze and what not!
This weekend will be a busy weekend.
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Erin aka Bud
31 January 2011 @ 03:55 pm
So I just realized today that because I didn't start working until the 17th of January (really loooooong winter break here), I only get half a paycheck this month (i.e. less than 300 dollars). This sucks, as this isn't even enough money to pay my rent. Ben has been getting screwed on hours, so he doesn't have enough money for his rent either. I have $9.20 currently in my bank account. Last night, I suggested we go out to eat since we didn't have much for groceries in the house, until I realized we didn't have much for groceries because we didn't have money for groceries. Our electricity bill is 15 dollars more than last month, which was double our usual electricity bill. On top of that, we got a note from the super of this building that everyone in our building overused the water (which is supposed to be covered by the apartment) so we're going to pay an extra 35 dollars in rent this month (I'm not entirely sure they can do this, but I'm also not sure it's worth arguing over when we still have another year and a half here).

I went to get my passport today and found out they only take cash for processing the $135 application fee, and the douche at Walgreens did not take my picture correctly, so I have to have it retaken. I'm pissed.

Ben and I are going to Chicago in 2 weeks to see Les Miserables (my parents got us the tickets for Christmas and his parents paid for our hotel room for Christmas). At least those parts were Christmas presents, but truth be told, I worry we're not going to be able to afford to eat or even drive there.

TL;DR: Money sucks and I am stressed out.

I know my parents will help us out with this, but the truth is, I hate having to ask them.